Crown Braid

Crown braid how toCrown braid

Crown braid suits perfectly for both little girls and adults. The making process of a crown braid on children’s hair differs from those on adults. Besides, you can add school hair bows and hairpins.

This hairstyle is very comfortable to wear at school, so that your hair will be plaited and won’t fell down around you face while you’re writing lectures. It’s also possible to create a stunning crown braid. It can be a perfect choice for a wedding ceremony. Use wedding-related details, beads and natural flowers. Crown can easily replace a wedding tiara. It also can be perfect for business meetings and exercises. Just make a tight braid using neutral accessories. Then use hairspray to lock up the crown.

Crown braid how to tutorial

Step 1

Make your hair a little bit wet and use fixing mousse. Make it parted at one side then brush your hair through.

Crown Braid 1

Step 2

Divide the part you’re going to work with in 3 equal pieces, secure the other part so it won’t disturb you. Start braiding upside down braid taking pieces of hair from one side. Secure the braid with an elastic.

Crown Braid 2

Step 3

Go to the other part of your hair. Divide them into 3 equal pieces. Braid it the same way you did with the 1st part. Make it secure.

Crown Braid 3

Step 4

Attach each braid to the beginning of the opposite braid.

Crown Braid 4

Step 5

Secure it with hairspray and hairgrips.

Crown Braid 5

Types of crown braids

You can leave out your bangs or have it braided.

Crown Braid 9

Add hair band or bows.

Crown Braid 12

You can leave out some hair pieces or make curls.

Crown Braid 15

Crown braid can be made backwards and forwards.

Crown Braid 18

This hairstyle suits any style, it’s multipurpose, and it can be one of your everyday hairstyles. It’s also a good option for special occasions, just add some hair accessories. Learning how to braid the crown braid is as easy as learning to braid a Dutch braid. Try it and you’ll see.