Boho Braids

We weave bohemian braid or as it is called "boho braid".

Before you start braiding, you comb your hair thoroughly, and if they do not lend themselves to weaving, soak them or apply wax or gel.

Make a parting above corner, right or left eyebrow (depending on the direction braiding) and place the hair in the left and right sides from parting.

For convenience, braiding using a comb to separate the part of the hair, from which we weave, and the rest of the hair, we remove to the tail.

From the beginning of hair parting, we take two equal strands and twist them so that the strand farthest from the forehead came under the bottom strand.

Boho braids

Boho braids

Next we add to this the strands loose strand of the forehead and again we scrolls in the same direction as the previous time. Then again we grab a strand and scrolls. We continue to weave to ear.

Boho Braids

In the end we tying the little invisible rubber band and hide it behind the ear, and there we are fixed is invisible barrette.

Boho braidsBoho braids

Weave Boho French braid technique

Boho braids

We can weave such a braid, using the technique of French braids.

From the beginning of hair parting we separate a small section and divide it into three parts.

We begin weaving usual pigtail, of three strands. Then we add to the strands from the forehead of the loose hair.

When we got to the ear, we fasten the resulting braid invisible barrette. And dissolve the tail of hair collected at the beginning.

Boho braids

Boho braids

Boho braids

Voila! Hairstyle is ready.

If you want to make an evening option, you can collect the hair in a bun and add beautiful accessories.

Decoration and accessories for boho braid

To make the hair more interesting, stylists offer to weave a variety of tapes, cords, chains or pearl beads in a boho braid.

For everyday hairstyles you can use bright shawls or scarves, entwined around the base of the tail. If the free ends of the hair are formed into a beam, fix its comb or barrette in ethnic style.

Any decoration boho braids only complement in its light and refined negligence.