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Side Braids

Side Braids

Fashionistas keep experimenting with weaving forms and ways. Side braid hairstyles are gaining popularity. They look more impressive when done with the long hair.

The advantage of any side braids is that they need no exact symmetry and straight lines. More than that, some artificial negligence gives some special style and originality to the braids.

How To Make a Side Braid Hairstyle

Side braid hairstyle takes no special weaving skills. Should you know at least one weaving way you can easily make an impressive hairstyle.

  1. Before embarking on hairdressing wash it and dry.
  2. Comb the whole mass of hair on one side. You can also make parting.
  3. Treat your hair with a fixer.
  4. Take to braiding itself. You decide if it should be a plain spine or a delicate braid of 5 strands.
  5. For the hanks to lay down smoothly and braiding to go easier treat your fingers with special hair styling wax.
  6. When finishing secure the braid with a rubber band or barrette, add a bit of volume and garnish with decorative elements. Secure the braid with wax.

Side Braids

Variants of a side braid hairstyle

The easiest way is start weaving the braid from the very nape. The forehead hairline spit braid gives the image of romance. The forelock owners can start braiding from the very edge. It looks original and gentle.

The hair from the opposite side can be carefully done and stabbed by the invisibles. Loose lochs add more carelessness and levity to the style. A braid made of hair twisted into bundles looks really cool.

The side-braided hair open the shoulders and back. This hairstyle can be well accentuated by beautiful earrings or a stylish cuff. A bandage will give Greek style to the image.

Side BraidsSide Braids

Dimensional side braid

If your hair is naturally thin there is no reason for refusal from braids. You should just weaken strands tension meanwhile stretching them in weaving in opposite directions. This way even the thinnest braid will gain the desired volume. The strands can be fanned so that a deliberately lush side braid appropriate for decoration with tipped pins appears.

Side BraidsSide Braids

Lush side braid

Recently there has come in some lush-looking braid, and that is the charm of such a hairstyle. Though it is mainly done for romantic image with dresses of gentle coloures and vintage pins even celebrities appear with such braids on shows. Such a hairstyle looks specially organic with shoulder-long hair. And the long-haired ladies should be careful when weaving disheveled side braids not to cross the border between charming casualness and repulsive slovenliness.

Side BraidsSide Braids